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Idea of the App

The Metafans Web3

The Metafans Web3 platform is a blockchain-based social media platform that enables users to create, curate, and manage their fan communities.

The app focuses on offering VIP experiences to its NFT members. Metafans lets its users participate in various sports-related games to win rewards such as sporting event tickets and monetary prizes.


The most significant challenge of our build was to develop a smart contract that had to minimize Ethereum blockchain gas fees. For the non-crypto readers, yes, this is still english.

Not only did our developers crush this assignment, but we also created a comprehensive sign-in system for Metafans’ membership board and were able to sync live sports data to update sports pools in real time.

Notable features

Ok, hit me with another crisp, clean bullet-point list.

  • Membership Clubhouse Pass Via Web3

  • Live Football Square Pool Experience
  • Live Community Chat Room
  • NFT Minting and Calming
  • Generative NFT Art
  • Exclusive Access to Discounted Sporting Events

Tools used

Service provided

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Metafans put us to work, challenging us to provide the following services.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support
Smart Contract Development
Web 3 Development
Web 3 Development
Backend Development

Check other cases

  • License verification
  • Encrypted internal messaging
  • NFT Music playlist creation
  • ID verification
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Map based event detection
  • Robust messaging system
  • Complex match making algorithm
  • Explorer page
  • Real time NFT casting onto digital frames
  • Web3 wallet authentication
  • NFT Music playlist creation
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