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Idea of the App


Sheytoon is a new matchmaking platform that is making waves in the online dating scene.

The app caters to people of Persian descent and aims to provide a space for them to connect and find love.


Our primary concern with this project was ensuring the app could accept high-volume user loads. For this assignment, we showed off our collaboration skills and partnered with engineers from Sheytoon to build an MVP (Minimal Viable Product, not the acronym you were thinking of, right?)

For their app, we also created and implemented a Discover Page in the vein of Instagram Explorer, allowing users to match based on shared interests and hobbies.

Notable features

  • Track Users Based on Geographic Location

  • Integrated Messaging System
  • Monthly Subscription Setup
  • Tinder-Esque Explore Page

Tools used

Service provided

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We condensed our development project into four easy steps for Sheytoon.

Android App Development
Backend Development
Q&A Features

Check other cases

  • License verification
  • Encrypted internal messaging
  • NFT Music playlist creation
  • ID verification
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Map based event detection
  • Robust messaging system
  • Complex match making algorithm
  • Explorer page
  • Real time NFT casting onto digital frames
  • Web3 wallet authentication
  • NFT Music playlist creation
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