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Idea of the App


Fide is a unique app that aims to verify the identity of the person you are meeting, ensuring your safety.

It takes less than a minute for identity verification on the Fide app.


Since safety was the top priority of this project, we had to focus on and create a platform that was 100% accurate. Each user had to submit a photo for identification, which came with technological complications.

We provided accurate GEO tracking, ensuring that both parties knew the exact meeting point. Plus, the two parties could track each other’s location for maximum safety.

Notable features

  • Verify ID Using Vouched ID

  • Import Contact List
  • Geolocation Tracking
  • Location-Based Reminders
  • Map-Based Event Detection

Tools used

Service provided

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We had to flex a little on Fide, providing them with seven comprehensive services.

Research and Discovery
IOS App Development
UI and UX Designs
Android App Development
Backend Development
Q&A Features
Marketplace Publishing

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