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Idea of the App


NFT-Caster is a digital media platform that allows users to create and share NFTs or non-fungible tokens.

You can also use NFT-Caster to discover new and exciting NFTs created by other users.


NFT-Caster wanted to ensure its users could display NFT images, music, and video on their LG TVs. To conquer this Herculean task, our developers muscled up and created a real-time frame/display application allowing NFT-Caster users to cast their favorite NFTs on their 4k TVs.

Essentially, we turned the user’s TVs into digital frames they could use to share their NFTs with friends and family.

Notable features

  • Music NFT Playlist Creation

  • Web3 Wallet Authentication
  • Real-Time Queue Management
  • Real-Time NFT Casting Onto Digital Frames
  • NFT Gallery Aggregation From Any Wallet With an Extensive Blockchain List

Tools used

Service provided

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Android App Development
Backend Development
Quality and Assurance

Check other cases

  • License verification
  • Encrypted internal messaging
  • NFT Music playlist creation
  • ID verification
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Map based event detection
  • Robust messaging system
  • Complex match making algorithm
  • Explorer page
  • Real time NFT casting onto digital frames
  • Web3 wallet authentication
  • NFT Music playlist creation
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