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Idea of the App


Relaxable is an app that allows you to customize your relaxation experience. You can choose from various activities, including guided meditation, breathing exercises, and stretching.

Relaxable also offers a library of relaxing music and soundscapes to help you unwind.


Relaxable challenged us to implement TikTok and Instagram reel formats to eliminate playback delays through seamless video transitions. Fortunately for us, our development heavyweight champs do not shy away from a challenge. So we devised a solution to reduce the file sizes, allowing Relaxable to pre-load queued background videos.

In turn, we helped Relaxable achieve a better user experience for their subscribers. Plus, our simple interface made the app easy to navigate.

Notable features

  • Create a Jammin’ Music Playlist

  • Upload a Single Track or Entire Album
  • Play Videos in an IG Reels Forma
  • Incorporate a Swipe Feature in the Vein of TikTok or Instagram
  • Play Music in the Background While Closed Out of the App
  • Generate Streaming Stats for Users
  • Categorize Music for Listeners
  • Download Videos for Offline Use

Tools used

Service provided

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Backend Development

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