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Idea of the App


Fly is a new transportation app changing how people get around. It allows users to rent scooters from several locations.

Riders can pick up a scooter from a nearby location, scan the code, and immediately get to where they need to go.


Like real estate, this app was all about location, location, location. First, we needed to connect their fleet of scooters with the server, which would enable data sharing via MQTT protocols. The scooters had many controls to manage, which made this an extensive project.

For example, we had to find a way to abide by city and county regulations, as some places have restrictions on scooter accessibility. Using Admin Web Portal, we were able to use Google Maps API and GEO coordinates to restrict scooter access in these geographical territories.

We also created another stream of revenue for Fly, allowing its users to pay-on-the-go alongside top up their accounts.

Notable features

Fly - A Better Ride has too many features to go in-depth about — time to bring out the bullets.

  • Track Nearby Scooters Based on Geographic Location

  • Allow Users to Scan the Scooter to Unlock Hardware and Software Data Sharing
  • Allow the Public to Become App Partners to Earn Income
  • Fleet Management From a Web Portal
  • Charger Management Through the Web Portal
  • Payout Management Through the Web Portal
  • Operational Map with Real-Time Fleet Location Data
  • Restricted Zone Management

Tools used

Service provided

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This project was among our most comprehensive. We provided nine services for Fly.

System Architecture
IOS App Development
Android App Development
Web Portal Development
Backend Development
Marketplace Publishing
Q&A Features

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