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Idea of the App


We are a big proponent of consultation businesses. Therefore, we take pride in helping the people that help others. In other words, we’re the helper’s helpers.

PPM is a mobile app that enables users to receive compensation for consultations. Users can book a consultation with an expert via the app, hop on a video call with the consultant, and pay by the minute.

This groundbreaking software allows people needing help to find it 24/7 instantly.


The principal challenge for CTSS was to fine-tune the video call feature, ensuring it could function properly even when the internet connection was poor.

Our problem solvers had their work cut out for them. Among the difficulties we encountered were noise cancellation and screen sharing.

However, our stubborn bunch doesn’t stop until we find a solution. Our quality and assurance features allowed PPM to screen share, make appointments with a Calendly-like calendar, and offer a user-friendly experience to its users.

Notable features

  • Robust Calendar

  • Minute-by-Minute Pay
  • Video Calling
  • Scheduling
  • Screen Share
  • Stripe Integrations
  • Call Now Feature
  • Push Notifications
  • Noise Cancellation

Tools used

Service provided

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UI and UX Designs
IOS App Development
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Backend Development
Web Admin Panel
Quality and Assurance
Marketplace Publishing

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