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Idea of the App

Burger King

Our development bigwigs went all the way to the top of the food chain — well, the fast food chain — when Burger King chose us to create a Halloween-themed Ghostbusters game for their app.

The app uses magnetic mobile phone sensors to detect magnetic fields nearby and rewards users with coupons when catching a ghost.


We had to put our nerd hats on to achieve this fun experience for BK app users.

Our task was to extract and transmit magnetometer sensor information from a mobile app to an iFrame ghost detector application at regular intervals.

To register the ghost detection, we converted sensor data to total magnitude using a unique mathematical formula and validated it against natural magnetic fields.

Notable features

  • Native Magnetic Sensors for Mobile Devices

  • Prismic CMS Integration for Market and Language Management
  • Coupon Rewarding Integrations for Specific Markets (mParticle, Deeplink, Post Message, etc.)

Tools used

Service provided

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Research and Discovery
Ionic Framework Magnetometer Sensor Plugin Development
Web Application Development
Documentation Creation
Prismic io CMS Integration
Native iOS and Android Magnetometer Sensor Plugin Development

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