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Idea of the App

Apollo Beats

Apollo Beats is a music marketplace allowing independent producers and engineers to sell original instrumentals and sound kits to accredited musicians and the general public. In addition, producers can use Apollo Beats to sell or lease their content and receive payment immediately.

Apollo Beats also uses Web3 to share revenue, allowing users to further their investment in their favorite artists and share in their success.


Our development DJs played a couple of their favorite tracks on this project.

First, we had to create a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain to function as an escrow entity.

Then, we had to remix the system to track user investments for each performer, allowing users to collect their proportion of investment returns by incorporating Web3 for the revenue-sharing feature.

Notable features

  • Portfolio-Building Capability for Music Producers

  • Marketplace to Sell Beats, Instrumentals, and Licensed Sound Kits
  • Checkout and Payment Processing
  • Revenue Payouts
  • Revenue-Sharing Smart Contracts

Tools used

Service provided

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Quality and Assurance

Check other cases

  • License verification
  • Encrypted internal messaging
  • NFT Music playlist creation
  • ID verification
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Map based event detection
  • Robust messaging system
  • Complex match making algorithm
  • Explorer page
  • Real time NFT casting onto digital frames
  • Web3 wallet authentication
  • NFT Music playlist creation
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